About Silicon Valley Consulting

Our engineers have worked at every top advertising platforms you've heard of.

We help your online platform achieve 10x higher revenue by creating a personalized advertising experience for your users.

Your Company

You are either a medium-sized or large enterprise company that displays ads on your consumer platform in exchange for revenue.

Examples: New York Times, Hulu, etc.

Your Ads

Your ads have moderately-low
user engagment/enjoyability.

You may have implemented a subscription service and a paywall, but you know you could make as much money as YouTube, Facebook, or The New York Times through ads.

Our Team

Our team specializes in machine learning-powered ad platforms.

We can help improve/build your company an ads platform that is optimized for your user base.

How We Work

Initial Contact

At this stage, one of our consultants meets with a representative of your company to discuss the current state of your ads platform.


A consultant, data scientist, and engineer from our team (and from our partner's team) will conduct a multi-month analysis of your current ads process.

This process includes several meetings and user studies with your key stakeholders, advertising clients, and users in order to determine the best ad platform system that will improve user engagement.


After we finalize on the technical specifications needed for your self-service ads platform, we offer you several options on how your ads system can be built based on your timeline and budget.

We will walk you through the pros and cons of each option, and will make adjustments if necessary.


Once a course of action is decided, we then work with the best engineering partner out of our list of strategic partners.

All our partners are primarily skilled at working with mid-size and Fortune 500-level companies. We choose the engineering partner based off of the technical specifications previously agreed upon.

Our large technical team will then work with your company's technical team (if you have one) on a daily basis, while providing bi-weekly and monthly reports to key stakeholders in order to complete the self-service ads platform in a timely manner.

Remarkable Works

We have worked with & for



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Meet Our Team

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Shane is an AdTech expert. He has worked at a plethora of companies such as Yelp, PayPal, Reddit doing Machine Learning. He has worked on ad platforms for years, and his changes has cumulatively affected over a billion users of various platforms.

Shane Austrie

CEO/Priciple Machine Learning Engineer

Jake is an amazing salesman. He has worked on accounts worth over $10 Million. He has experience at companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Twitter.

Jake Paul

Head of Partnerships

Keoni has years of Data Infrastructure experience. He has consulted for both startups and fortune 500 companies. His most recent work includes consulting for Facebook on their new 2020 Ads and eCommerce platform.

Keoni Murray


Asim is one of the most sought after frontend developer in Silicon Valley. He has worked on the frontend for both AdTech companies and marketplace companies.

Asim Zaidi

Frontend Engineer Consultant

Carmen is a promising, recent University of Michigan graduate with a passion for UX design. While in college she openly and passionately consulted for several companies.

Carmen Ye

Junior UI/UX Consultant

Meet Our 2020 Interns

We specialize in AdTech

Our partners specialize in Data Infrastructure.

We combine our AdTech specialties with our Partners' Data Infrastructre specialties in order to improve user engagement with ads.

Our partners have helped rebuild platforms such as The New York Times, HBO, Spotify, and The Daily Telegraph.

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We partner with some of the best consultancies in the Industry

Appnovation Logo

Our most international partner, with over 300 offices worldwide.


Our only partner that is recognized as an official partner of both Google and Microsoft.

Data Clymer

One of our key partners located in Silicon Valley, while also being an official Google Cloud Partner.


Our largest Looker and Google Cloud partner in France.


Our largest Looker and Google Cloud partner in South Africa.


The official 2019 Google Partner of The Year.


Our only data infrastructure partner that is owned by publicly traded company worth over $4 billion.



Our Partners have Worked With



The New York Times


The Daily Telegraph


Case Studies

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